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Performance, Interactive sound, hard drives

Mixed-media installation, Stage lighting

This live performance shows the interaction between three performers and an installation. The sculpture consists of heavy steel frames and hard drives on its inside. The hard drives are reflected in mirrors and repeated infinitely, which means storage that collects and stores all of our information. Our data is not in virtual space, but it flows into dozens of storage buildings that have numerous hard drives. Our actions are constantly feeding the database online and the data returns to physical influence in our everyday lives for example, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

In Weight of Power, the two performers who play the role of slave troops are connected by pulleys, and each time they move, the weight of the sculpture moves vertically. This performance has a narrative in which the performers are deprived of their awareness from the data repository, and the bodies are slowly taken away as slave troops. This troops have a sense of unconsciousness but they are longing for freedom and consciousness being easily changed by environments and is broken down into the brain and body. In this performance, they want to have the freedom and consciousness. But it is taken away for the weight of this technology power. The voice in the sky will be the commander of this troops.

The third performer (the troop commander) asks the audience, “Do you agree?” and the answer is saved as a sound source and played repeatedly. This also satirizes the reality that somehow our information is collected whether it is agreed to or not. Weight of Power is not only about a data

technology that suppresses free rights but also consoling people’s emotions of insecurity and helplessness.

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