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DOEASH has been curious about the body, art and social structure. As an artist, a fashion designer and a stage designer. DOEASH borrows theatrical elements to create imaginal narratives and spaces in which people can sympathize and communicate with this environment. DOEASH shows unique performances that present a combination of installation art, street performance, lighting, sound and relational aesthetics.


DOEASH has a longing for liberal rights. So DOEASH creates works that console and empower people for the general public. For the recent projects, DOEASH has an interest in data technology and digital censorship. In this modern society, the principle of surveillance is present in a digital form close to our life. Anxiety from the concept of someone watching me, the uncomfortable feelings about the injustices that limit of individuals’ behaviors without our consent, is always considered impotent by social and cultural norms. Since everyday life is connected with information technology, people cannot be free under the power of data.


DOEASH recreates the unfortunate scenarios and uncomfortable spaces that are happening now due to the development of information technology. A performance naturally invites the audience to the given space, and it leaves a space for the audience to interact with the works as a performer.

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